Broadband Providers

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The introduction of fibre optic technology has allowed internet providers around the world, the opportunity to offer faster speed internet to their customers. In fact today, many internet providers are referred to as broadband providers which of course they are in most cases. This means that if you live in the UK or anywhere else for that matter, if you want an internet service you will first want to know the broadband providers in my areaand although in some countries this may not be too easy to find out, in the UK it is. The reason why it is as easy in the UK as it is; is because of the website called Broadband Compare UK. This is a website which allows you to enter your post code and then once you have, it will display all the broadband providers in your area, along with the different packages they have to offer and the prices of those packages. Once you see the different packages, you should be able to determine which one would be best for you, usually based on speed and price.

Although there will likely be some very fast speeds available, at higher prices of course, especially if you are in or near a city, those speeds are usually only used by businesses which intend to connect a lot of devices like desk tops, to the connection. With each additional device you add to an internet connection, the speed received by any device from that connection, slows. A lot of devices, like a large business may have, therefore need a very fast speed to start with. Although not so dramatically, this is the same that will happen at your home as you may have one speed coming to the house but as you add more devices such as laptops, tablets and Xbox or PlayStation, the speed of internet each receives, reduces. Before you decide on which speed to order for your home, you should therefore determine how many devices will be fed by that connection and therefore allow for a speed fast enough to make all the devices effective. Although broadband is now available throughout the UK, the UK still does not offer the fastest internet services in the world although the speeds they do offer and considered reasonable.

Of the top 5 countries known to have the fastest average internet speed, two are in Asia and they are South Korea which tops the list and Hong Kong which is second on the list. The reason why their average speeds are so high is probably due to their cheap prices. South Korea offers speeds of 1 GBPS for just US$20 whilst Hong Kong offers similar speeds for just US$26. The other three countries that top the list of the top 5 fastest average internet providers are Sweden, Switzerland and the Falkland Islands, their prices though may be considerably higher than those in Asia. The UK is perhaps fortunate in that due to the competition between the different broadband providers, both the speeds and prices are reasonable.