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Although there are new improved vacuum cleaners being introduced every year, more recently a better system than the traditional vacuum cleaner has been introduced and that better system is known as a central vacuum system. There are today many different systems to choose from but perhaps some of the online review sites will tell you which is the best central vacuum system, well, in their opinion at least.

A central vacuum cleaner system is made up of four components, a power unit, a hose, a connection and assorted cleaning accessories but note; there is no container to store the removed dust and dirt. The reason for this is that this system has just one centrally located collection receptacle, usually in the basement or garage.

When the collection receptacle is part of a traditional mobile vacuum cleaner, it often allows dirt and dust, dust especially, to escape all over the house and so although the house may be cleaner after a good vacuuming, dust is still present in most places. With a central vacuuming system, any dust that may escape the receptacle is restricted to escaping only into the area where the receptacle is located, ensuring the home is as clean as possible.

Obviously for any dirt to reach the receptacle when vacuuming, a hose stretches from the vacuum to an outlet in the wall which in turn leads to where ever the receptacle is located. This central system will usually have outlets of this type in all the different rooms, making it convenient and as the connections between the hose and the outlets is quick and easy to connect whilst still being secure. The whole vacuuming process is therefore easy with no need to drag a dirt receptacle from one room to the next.

The power unit is of course necessary to provide the vacuum its sucking power and the hose is needed to transfer the dirt from the vacuum to the wall outlet. The connection connects the power unit to the power source, usually an electric socket, one of which will be available in any room. Lastly the central vacuuming system consists of various cleaning tools or accessories and these are the same or at least similar to the accessories any traditional vacuum may have, enabling easy vacuuming from almost anywhere, high or low, carpet or smooth floor or walls.

Unlike a traditional vacuum however, a central vacuuming system does need some installation which is the providing access from the collection points in each room, to the centrally located collection receptacle. This is a one off installation though and replaces the need to keep changing bags on a traditional vacuum cleaner. The centrally located collection receptacle is of course easy to empty when the need arises and as it is usually located in a basement or garage, it does not need to be transported through the house where some of the dust retained by the receptacle could escape requiring a fresh vacuuming to take place; there is no mess.