The Changes in Lanzarote

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The changes being made in Lanzarote are subtle but they are being noticed, hopefully to the advantage of the island. As one of the Canary Islands located 125 miles off the West African coast, Lanzarote for decades has enjoyed large numbers of tourists coming from the countries of northern Europe where it has become known as one of the most popular tourist destinations. The other Canary Islands and islands like Minorca and d Majorca have also enjoyed large numbers of tourists from northern Europe as has the Spanish mainland coastal resorts. All these resorts though have catered to the mass tourism industry, the industry that books hotels in bulk and then fills them by chartering planes, making it cheaper for the tourists. Mass tourism is fine as it allows a larger number of people to afford foreign vacations where the sun is brighter and the beaches are sandier but often they pre-plan most of a tourist’s activities and do not allow enough freedom of choice in what they do on their vacations. Those people that spend a little extra and travel as individuals have more freedom to explore where they want, often leaving the crowded main tourist attractions which are made famous by the almost limitless numbers of mass tourists taken there by the travel agents. Often these tourists, travelling alone, will avoid the crowds of the mass tourism destinations, finding locations which are just as warm and sandy but more relaxed.

Lanzarote has started to change its image from one that only caters to the mass tourism industry to one that can also cater to the individual and by doing this hope to encourage more independent travellers to its shores. In light of the change Lanzarote is trying to introduce, the hotel La Isla y el Mar which has recently opened in Puerto del Carmen 10 miles from Lanzarote airport, has tried to cater to the individual rather than the crowd. From its website you will see that it is perhaps smaller than many of the other Lanzarote hotels with only 82 suites but this allows it to better cater to the individual with their individual needs.

The hotel offers guests plenty of variety with a shopping center just 500m and a beach just 400m away. It also has a pool and terrace from which some of the best views of the ocean can be seen, perhaps as good as anywhere else on the island including viewing points the travel agents offer excursions to. The hotel also has its own spa so a visitor can enjoy full relaxation without leaving the premises and that spa offers personal treatments from a wide variety of both local and international treatments. It specializes in providing treatments designed for couples, varying the treatments slightly for females and males, ensuring both receive total relaxation. The hotel also offers a choice of two restaurants, one featuring an al a carte menu which includes modern fusion cuisine and the other offering local and international dishes, buffet style.